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Jose Gonzalez @ EBF, Stanford

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When I first heard about Jose Gonzalez playing at Enchanted Broccoli Forest from a fellow DJ I couldn’t believe it. Why would Jose Gonzalez be playing a weird coop at Stanford? Well it turns out that it was real and being put on by the Stanford Concert Network, which, it turns out, is being run by yet another fellow DJ these days.

The space in EBF where they had the concert was maybe a dining room or a living room. The posted maximum occupancy was 65. I’d guess there were closer to 222 people in there. It was packed and hot and sweaty. I couldn’t see Jose for most of the show.

But the sound was good and Jose played a good show. He didn’t say much and just ran through his songs and covers. He doesn’t have a giant repetoire yet, so he played most of Veneer and most of the covers he plays.

Final four songs:

  • Heartbeats (the Knife cover)
  • Crosses
  • Hand on Your Heart (Kylie Minogue cover)
  • Teardrop (Massive Attack cover)


  • Love will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)

Pretty dang good final five songs.

crazy week (eight days a week)

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So starting Friday, totally crazy 8 days:

In 8 days, 5 concerts and 2 baseball games. Goodness.

So I’ll have plenty to blog about but probably won’t be blogging a lot, probably.

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