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nyc is crazy

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This city that I’m in, it is crazy. It is tall unlike any other city I’ve spent reasonable amounts of time in. Even London, another massive city, is unlike this in shear tallness.

But there are some cool parts. I’m trying not to judge this based on previous experiences and this one day, but I feel sort of like it’s a city that has cool stuff that I’ll never love.

Maybe. It’s hard to tell.

I had a pretty fantastic dinner at Hallo Berlin with jwerberg, perlick, liz, mim, and qwdigbo. It was a great time and the restaurant was a good choice (thanks to jdawg on that one).

I don’t have a lot of time now and I don’t know if I’ll post a full write-up later. I have a hectic week coming up.

AND! I don’t know if I’ll write a full blog entry about the Chadwick-Amrhein wedding, but it was, well, incredible. If my wedding is half as much fun, I’ll be a big winner.

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