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I got “tagged” by judit so I guess I’ll do this…

(Incidentally, I don’t like calling these things memes. I think it’s a misappropriation of the term. I once saw a talk (I think that wally might have been there as well) about the Superman Meme by one of the writers. That is actually a meme.)

8 facts/ things/ habits about myself:

  1. I have a hard time in bookstores because all the books on the tables are slightly off of square. I’ll often spend time straightening them.
  2. My favorite way of getting somewhere is walking, though it’s not always feasible.
  3. I’ve lived with one of my roommates for six years (going on seven) and the other five.
  4. I listen to music about ten to twelve hours a day on average.
  5. I wouldn’t mind if mushrooms and onions were outlawed for use in food preparation.
  6. For a period of a couple years I pretended to be from Canada fairly frequently (Slave Lake, Manitoba to be specific).
  7. I’ve received two scholarships to pay for bagpipe instruction.
  8. My first love music-wise is oldies music and I mourn the passing of the last oldies-format radio station in the Bay Area.

I’m not tagging anyone. Go ahead and continue it if you’d like.

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