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learn spanish CDs?

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So I completed a year of Spanish at the prestigious Palo Alto Adult School and I’ve learned some stuff. I’m totally like

me llamo Adrian. soy ingeniero mecanica. soy de Pittsburgh.

like boom!

but yeah, I don’t know if I’m going to continue on to the second year, but I’d like to continue learning. do any of you have recommendations for spanish learning CD sets that I could use to learn more Spanish?

Two to 4 CD sets would be good. I have a 14 CD Berlitz set for German and that’s a bit too much.

Also, if you’ve had good experiences with a series of language CDs but not the Spanish one, let me know; the same series might have a Spanish one.

phoning it in wmbr

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I’m pretty sure I’ve written about Phoning It In on WMBR before. It’s a radio show where the host gets bands and artists to call in and play a mini set over the phone which is then broadcast over the air. He’s had some great guests.

Two that I enjoyed recent were:

  • Jens Lekman performing from his bathtub in Gothenburg, Sweden, at 1am, trying not to wake his neighbors
  • the Wrens performing from their pea-green semi-dining room in New Jersey and just being nice people and doing a great set of songs.

The same guy ran the show at BSR before that. My favorite of those shows is John Vanderslice who gets interrupted mid-song by some one coming into his apartment, only to take up right where he left off when the person leaves.

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