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announcing! online mix tapes, vol. 1

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I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve decided to make an online mix tape and post it here for all of you guys. I want to do this monthly, but I’m not sure on that frequently.

They’ll be 60-76 minutes long so you can burn them onto a CD if you want.

They’ll always have a zip file with the following:

  1. liner notes
  2. mp3s
  3. a song list .txt file*

*With the song list you should be able to import all the mp3s to iTunes and then say “import” and select the song list and it’ll come up as a playlist with all the mp3 in order. Let’s cross our fingers that this works.

I have also made a new category for online mixtapes so you can find all of these easily.

Lastly, these will be up for a limited amount of time (after which I will probably move them into a password protected directory) so get them now. If you missed one, email me (firstname@thisdomain) and I’ll give you the password, etc.

So that’s the concept. I wouldn’t just announce this and leave you dry, so here it is, mixtape Vol. 1.

Adrian’s July 2006 mixtape (zip file) [file moved to password protected folder]

If you want to check out the liner notes(pdf) before you download, go ahead. This one has some great new songs and good older ones too, by Laura Veirs, Beirut, Jose Gonzalez, the Soft Drugs and more. It totals 66 minutes of music.

One more thing: these are for evaluation purposes. I strongly encourage you to support these artists with your dollars. Buy CDs, go to shows, etc.

[Update:] Thanks to Jesse for making an mpu playlist file for all you non-iTuners.

[Another update:] I’ll welcome any feedback on the mixtape that you want to give. Except from you, Dug. I don’t care about what you have to say. [ZING]

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