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so many glasses just suck

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I lost my glasses to the Caribbean a couple weeks back and I’ve been looking for new ones. (Meantime I’m wearing some backups.) One thing I’ve noticed in looking is that so many glasses just suck. There are bland ones that are bland. There are also fancy-looking ones that are just dumb. Can’t anyone just make a simple, stylish frame?

So I’m looking around. Maybe something like these. Or something like what I have but modernized. Converse All Star, surprisingly, have some decent frames.

These people have a good selection. I’m probably going to end up buying in a store, but that’s a good place to look around.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Joan Says:

    Lighter frames will better suit your fair coloring.

  2. adrian is rad » they’re cheap, but… Says:

    […] like I said before so many glasses just suck. Oh […]

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