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Breakdown of an absurd estimate

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Today I realized I had little idea of the difference between Kid Koala and Kid 606 but that I was familiar with both of the names. This set off a set of mental excercises and estimates. Here I write about them, just to put them down somewhere.

I estimate I am familiar with about 9700 bands/ groups/artists by name.

The breakdown of the estimate is as follows:

  • 1500 bands that I like or have liked in the past
  • 200 bands that have opened for bands that I like but that I otherwise have no opinion/ memory of
  • 500 bands that I like the songs that I’ve heard on the radio but am unfamiliar with any of their other songs
  • 1500 other bands that I like what I’ve heard, but haven’t investigated further
  • 1000 bands that I haven’t liked what I heard, but have heard very little of
  • 1000 bands that I have a distinct opionion that I don’t like
  • 2500 bands that I’ve heard or read about in passing and have some idea of their genre, but haven’t heard them at all
  • 1500 bands that I know I’ve heard of but wouldn’t actually have an idea of what they sound like
  • 20 bands that friends have been involved in and band that they’ve been connected to
  • 6 bands that I’ve been involved in or pretended to be involved in

In approximate decending order, the number of bands I’ve heard of come from the following genres: indie rock/ pop, oldies/ classic rock, radio rock/pop, old-timey/ bluegrass/ country, irish/ celtic music, jazz, hip hop, comedy/ novelty, classical musicians, (south) african, other world, indian music, electronica, metal. I’m probably forgetting a few here.

More on books?

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While I’m on the subject of books, have you read any books lately that you can recommend? I have a bunch in my list, but I’m going through them pretty well. I’m generally more into good+readable over good+seminal+hard-to-read.

Also, I have a total soft spot for books about/ set in/ by South Africa(ns), so I’ll take any into special consideration.

Anyone have thoughts on Wind Up Bird Chronicles? I don’t know much about it but I like a band called Wind Up Bird.

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