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Giordano Bros. Pittsburgh Style Sandwhiches in SF

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After the College DJ of the Week thing, Gumbeaux and I went to Giordano Bros. in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. They have all-in-one, or “Pittsburgh style,” sandwhiches. These are obviously patterened after Primanti Bros. sandwhiches, with italian bread, your choice of meat, french fries, and coleslaw.

The atmosphere isn’t very much like Primanti’s. I mean Primanti’s is as no-nonsense and unpresumptuous as possible. Giordano’s is only slightly more so but you don’t have a large lady behind the counter yelling at “Chjohnny.” The people are friendly and helpful.

The food is good. Very similar to Primanti’s on this account. Very slight differences make it seem a little more “San Francisco”: olive oil on the cole slaw, slightly fancier fries.

It’ll do. It’ll do good.

live 105 college dj of the week

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It was fun. Played some music, got some calls. Got some crazy calls. But I’ll leave those off the internet.

As I mentioned before, I got to pick about 1/3 of the music.

The music I did pick:

  • Seam “Get Higher”
  • Johnny Cash “Hurt”*
  • Jose Gonzalez “Heartbeats
  • the Smiths “This Charming Man”*
  • Jens Lekman “Maple Leaves”
  • John Vanderslice “Up Above the Sea”+
  • Oh No! Oh No! “I Have No Sister”
  • Ted Leo “Since U Been Gone”
  • Flaming Lips “Do You Realize”*
  • Sufjan Stevens “Chicago”
  • Rogue Wave “Love Lost Guarentee”
  • Pedro the Lion “Magazine”
  • Arcade Fire “Haiti”*
  • Kings of Leon “Bucket”*
  • Mogwai “Auto Rock”

* Songs from their collection. I had to pick one of my selections an hour from their collection.
+ I got at least five calls and an email about this song. So way to go for JV.

One reassuring thing was that I got probably fifteen or so calls on the songs I’d picked and maybe one or two calls on songs that they’d picked. And I have like four girlfriends from all the calls.

Tsotsi, the movie

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After talking a lot about it, I finally saw Tsotsi, the Oscar winner for best foreign language film.

I liked it. The first thing I noticed was the cinematography. It’s got a moody darkness to it, like the Matrix construct except more red, less grey.

The acting is fantastic across the board. Expect big things from Presley Chweneyagae, who plays Tsotsi. His is the dynamic character. He transformation is astounding. The female lead, Terry Pheto, plays her role with such softness throughout.

The soundtrack is bumpin’ with kwaito. I think I should pick it up. I’m not sure I’ll like all kwaito (which appears to be more house-like rather than hip hop-like), but I liked the stuff in the film.

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