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steelers, back to basics

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A desperate Steelers team got back to basics and won against the Bears, who were on an 8 game winning streak. Some strange stuff, like Jerome Bettis, who’s ancient by this point, having a 100 yard running and the Steelers had 190 yards rushing against the best ranked defense in the league.

That was all pretty exciting, but a couple almost freakish outcomes created a nice situation. The Dolphins stopping a last minute Chargers touchdown and the Cowboys getting a last minute touchdown puts the Steelers back in the last playoff birth. I think my understanding of the tie-break procedures is correct and this means the Steelers are back in control of their destiny; that is to say, if the Steelers win their last three games of the season they will in playoffs no matter what the other teams do.

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  1. Milkshake Says:

    Actually I don’t think that is correct Adrian. We are currently listed as the sixth seed in the playoffs despite having the same record as both the Chiefs and Chargers. But that’s only because as things stand right now the Chargers are ahead of KC in their division (and a conference tie-breaker can only involve teams in different divisions). If KC wins the rest of their games and remain tied with us they will be ahead of San Diego in their division (because the two teams will meet) and have a better conference record than we do and therefore will get the remaining playoff spot.

    The good news is that KC will be facing three very good teams to close out the season. In case anybody is wondering the Steelers are ahead of San Diego in the standings because they beat them head to head.

    Please somebody correct me if I’m wrong…

  2. adrian Says:

    I thought something like that might be the case but I couldn’t figure out all the tie breaks. I guess I could go through and see all the records based on the teams on the schedules of the three teams to see what the tie break situation would be if they all won their next three games.

  3. Milkshake Says:

    I did just that (took a while because it is quite complicated) and I think I have it right. I’ve also noticed that newspapers are saying that Jacksonville can win all of its games and be in but nobody has said the same for Pittsburgh (further proof I guess).

    The way I see it – only one of the three teams fighting for the spot will win all three remaining games (maybe none of them will) and whoever does deserves to be in.

  4. adrian Says:

    So I just worked some stuff out here. Of course all three teams (Pittsburgh, San Diego, Kansas City) can’t win all three because with three games left, San Diego and Kansas City still have to face each other once.

    This is also assuming that Jacksonville wins their last three and gets 5th place (1st wildcard) in the AFC.

    If San Diego wins all three and the Steelers win their last three, each would be 11-5, but the Steelers would be in the playoffs because the Steelers have beaten San Diego this year.

    The Steelers and the Chiefs haven’t and won’t face each other face each other this year, so the AFC conference record would be the tie-breaker.

    If Kansas City wins their last three and so do the Steelers, each would have an 11-5 record but Kansas City would be in the playoffs because their conference record would be 9-3 (currently 7-3, add conference wins over San Diego and Cincinati) and the Steelers conference record would be 7-5 (currently 6-5, add a conference win over Cleveland).

    Meanwhile, that would guarentee the Bengals at least one loss and if they lost the other two (Detroit, Buffalo), they’d be 10-6 and the Steelers would will win the division and still be in the playoffs.

    Goodness! the possibilities!

  5. Milkshake Says:

    Things will clear up somewhat this Saturday when KC faces the New York football Giants.

  6. Jesse Says:

    I’m rooting for the giants!

    (although for their own sake … not for the sake of pbgh)

  7. Jesse Says:

    I am really glad I read that comment! I didn’t realize there were all these Saturday games this week! thanks!@!#!!#

  8. Milkshake Says:

    No problem – I would be rooting for the Giants anyway. I guess I’ve lived in New York just long enough to root for the Giants and not yet long enough to only care about baseball.

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