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things you can buy me

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this is the point where I assume that you want to buy me stuff.

my christmas list.

my parents ask for a christmas list every year. it’s gotten significantly different in the last couple of years since I’ve been earning money. I tend to buy what I want so there’s not a lot on my “wish list.”

new old NMH stuff

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If you haven’t heard that some new old Neutral Milk Hotel material has surfaced or if you have but don’t know where to find the recordings, you ain’t no picasso has step-by-step instructions to getting all the current crop.

If you haven’t heard of Neutral Milk Hotel, Familiarized! Yourself! Now! I still think In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is easily the best (and most important, to me) album from the last ten years.

this week, playlist; following weeks, plan

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here’s my playlist for this week’s radioshow.

My plan for the following weeks:
December 15: I’ll run down my top albums of the year.
December 22: Good Christmas music.

Speaking of which, I’ve found a few more indie “Christmas mixes” with lots of songs to download (mostly via brooklynvegan).

Anyone know of any other ones?

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