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John Vanderslice on I Once Was Canadian interview, mp3

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On August 25th, John Vanderslice played on my show on KZSU, I Once was Canadian, and I interviewed him between songs. He’s the nicest guy in indie rock and he’s really interesting to talk to as well. Oh and his acoustic set was fantastic.

Here’s an mp3 from the show:
John Vanderslice Dear Sarah Shu [Live at KZSU]

I really like the version he did acoustic, moreso than the album version by a lot. I apologize for the sound going to only the right channel for about 2 seconds in there. It only happened on this one song but the song happens to be one of my favorite cuts from the show. Smurph was the engineer for the session.

The set and interview were from about 8:05am to 9:05am, so we were both a little bit loopy. What follows is the full text of the interview:

canuck: John, you are among other things, singer, songwriter, musician,
producer, studio owner, I guess…

John Vanderslice: Yeah, I think. [laughing] It sounds like I’m really like on the ball
when you put it like that. Also, I own a Pentax K1000 camera, which I think
that you just had in there.

canuck: Yeah, I do. I have it right here.

JV: I’m a huge fan.

canuck: Yeah, they’re great things. Actually one of my plans is—I don’t
know if I should reveal this to everybody over the air—I’m going to take
a K1000 and a digital camera and make my own digital SLR.

JV: That’s great. Perfect. I think for the money the K1000 is an absolute
steal. Total bargain. Beautiful camera.



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I’ve upgraded the RAM on my virtual server. Let me know if you notice it being faster. Otherwise, I’ll probably downgrade.

This is probably only a somewhat temporary solution. I’m thinking about changing my server host entirely.

covers contest #12 entry, #11 results

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This post could also be titled “a study in lameness.”

The cover song for this week was Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead (Original). The entry in the covers contest is:

I tried a few things but nothing worked out when I was recording.

The results for the covers contest #11 voting (the song was Continuous Hit Music by American Analog Set) were:

Adrian 3
Dave 0
Andy 2

Most Original:
Adrian 3
Dave 0
Andy 1

I’m a big winner! Because only have has an entry for this week, I’m not going to reset the polls.

I’ll announce the song for contest #13 either sometime next week or early 2006.

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