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weird ear thing

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Since swimming on Friday, my right ear has made an occasional, sometimes frequent clicking sound as if theres’ still water in there (though there doesn’t feel like there is and I’ve done the water-in-the-ear jump-dance and felt no water moving around). It’s as if it’s pressurizing and depressurizing like on a plane, but repeatedly.

mystery hunt

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I think I’m going to do the Mystery Hunt for the seventh time this year, which is pretty funny considering that I’m not particuarly good at it nor do I take it particularly seriously.

It made me pretty happy when I was poking around the wikipedia article on the Mystery Hunt today that I remember a lot of the “notable events” and, in fact, know the named people in them.

rat found

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After not knowing where it was for about a month and a half and having written it off as lost, I found my brass rat today. It was in the washing machine after I washed some clothes. I do my darks more than once every one and a half months so I can only guess it must have been in some pocket for two cycles.

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