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lost songs

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While getting my song recorded for this week’s cover’s contest, I ran across some old recordings I made. Some were total total crap of course. None were really polished and done, but some I liked anyway.

So I decided to share with you a few of these “lost songs.” These could also be called “unfinished songs.” Note that all of these are completely embarrassing in their own ways.

Freak in Me formerly known simply as piano1. I recorded this partly in the practice rooms at MIT so it had to have been July 2003. I haven’t touched it since. This may well have been the first thing I recorded with my own protools set up and microphone. The piano part sounds like a lot of the piano parts I wrote in those years but it’s good. The end is a bit freaky. I think I wanted that juxtaposition between the prettier piano part and the ending.
Freak in Me

Freak in Me (first.class.airline remix) While we were on our roadtrip, zooming across Colorado probably, our very own Andy was remixing piano1. All of the sounds in this song are from my version of the song, just heavily processed. This amazed me then and it amazes me now.
Freak in Me (first.class.airline remix)

Not now I guess I recorded this last January. It’s about a girl, of course. Some multi-parted song action, with my first recording of a wurlitzer.
not now

Highland Cathedral and Wings and Murdo’s Wedding My friend Indy was getting married and I was going to play the pipes at his wedding. He wanted to hear some of the options before the wedding so a few weeks before, I put these down very quickly using my fireside pipes. I hear tons of mistakes throughout (and my pipes aren’t 100% in tune), but that’s because I hadn’t actually learned the songs yet, I was just running through them from a book. I haven’t played much of the pipes lately, but maybe I’ll start playing again.
Highland Cathedral
Wings and Murdo’s Wedding

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  1. andy (not andyl) Says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve commented since you updated this whole “look and feel” of your blog.

    That remix is a lot better than I remember it being. I don’t even remember what I did – the only things I specifically remember doing are drawing the clicks and freaking you out by slowing your vocals way down. Listening with fresh ears really surprised me. And made me realize how that entire thing is low end, and there’s nothing in the highs except digital artifacts. Yum!@

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