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covers contest, entries #2, song for #3, results of voting for #1

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Results of the voting for covers contest #1 entries:
Best cover:
Adrian 1
Andy 5
Dave 1

Most Original Cover:
Adrian 1
Andy 1
Dave 5

So the big winners were Andy and David.

This week’s song is Wait by Secret Stars (original). Here are the entries:

Vote here for the Best and Most Original cover version.

Covers Contest #3: Sassafras Roots by Green Day (original) Entries will be accepted until next Tuesday.

2 Responses to “covers contest, entries #2, song for #3, results of voting for #1”

  1. el penguino Says:

    that is an interesting choice for next week. I doubt anyone will do a version too similar to the original!

  2. Dolphio Says:

    I agree with el penquino. I think the farther away the ‘original’ song is from yinz guys style of music, the more interesting it will make it, especially for the “Most original” portion. Rap, hardcore metal, country? All could be fun! Although, I have to say I’m pretty impressed so far. I’m trying to spread listenership. Oh, and now that iTunes has podcasting, you guys should make a podcast each week of the original, the three covers , and the new one. h0tt.

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