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on healthier alternatives to previously delicious products

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[note: this is an Alex Bischoff tribute post]

I tried the new Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda and some Better N’ Peanut Butter today.

Diet Coke with Splenda (not to be confused with Diet Coke, which will still be made with the same formula) came out about a month ago, apparently, but I first heard about it today. We all know that Splenda is made from sugar so it tastes like sugar. I was really curious to see how this stacked up to regular Coke (I knew it wouldn’t compare to Mexican coke made with sugar).

I tried some. It was good. It’s not Coke but it may be good enough that the trade-offs (betterness-for-you vs. taste) might be worth it. It has a bit of an off aftertaste, but it’s tons better than Diet Coke. It has the same problem as Diet Coke, though, where it tastes like fizz more than it tastes like Coke. It’s taste is too light, I guess.

I also got a jar of Better N’ Peanut Butter at Trader Joe’s. 85% less fat! Well I thought, if this is good, that could be really good because peanut butter is good but has lots of fat/ calories (even though most of its fat is the good kind rather than saturated fat). This stuff has 2.5g of fat per serving.

It’s texture was alright (smooth—I like my Peanut Butter crunchy) and it’s flavor was alright, but the overall effect wasn’t that great. I like apples and peanut butter together a lot and I tried that after I tried a little bit alone and it didn’t taste that good. The BNPB didn’t add to the overall taste of the apple. It might be better in like a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich or a Velvet Elvis or something. Maybe I’ll try that before I throw it out.

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