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36 minute mile

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I swam at the Palo Alto Riconada Pool last night because the Stanford pool didn’t have evening hours.

It was my first timed mile in a long time. 36 minutes. Take that Roger Bannister! That puts me on pace for a 54 minute Alcatraz swim

It’s weird swimming in a 25 yard pool again. It feels too short and I could really get into my stroke before I had to turn.

we’ll miss you, mahrn

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Myron Cope has retired. What will a Sunday game be without him?

listen/ silence

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Maybe sometime I’ll write a post about Listen/ Silence.

But for now, I’ll just tell you to listen to my show till 9am PST.

And/ or check out my playlist.

And you should listen to and vote on the entries of the previous post. I know that more than 6 people read that post!

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