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oh that lance

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Now that Lance Armstrong is riding for Team Discovery Channel, he’s doing a series of commercials for the various tv channels they own, including Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and the Travel (or as I call it Poker) Channel.

These commercials are called Welcome to the Family, Lance and are viewable online here, I saw the Discovery Channel one which has the guys from American Chopper and Lance and I laughed a lot. I’d recommend it. The Animal Planet one with the crazy crocodile guy and the Travel Channel one with the guys from the World Series of Poker are both pretty funny as well.

You sort of have to know the people in each spot for it to be funny.


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this week’s playlist. I’m doing an hour of indie, an hour of old-timey and an hour of motown. special edition of the show!

and if you read this before 9am PST, you can listen.

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