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crap buying contest 1.0

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Dylan and I have started a crap buying contest.

The terms are:

  • the one with the most and the highest quality crap wins
  • there’s a $50 limit to all spending (items, tax, and shipping included)
  • spending must be done by June 22. Items will be judged July 6.

What’s an example of good crap (and good crap density)? My autographed picture of Bob Villa inscribed “To Joe. Best Wishes, Bob Villa” for $3.

I felt bad because I’m spending $50 on nothing in particular when I could be doing something better with it, so I just donated $50 to Catholic Charities of San Jose as an offset of sorts.

I’ll let everyone know who won and what the haul was when we’re done.

3 Responses to “crap buying contest 1.0”

  1. Alex Says:

    Out of curiosity, were there other charities which you were also considering, or did you decide on CCOSJ right away?

  2. Adrian Says:

    I decided that I’d give money to my local branch of Catholic Charities pretty much right away. That they had a solid rating from whatever organization rates charities was a good thing too.

    I also thought of giving money to the Peace Corps because I have some friends doing that and it’d be good for them to have more resources to do what they’re doing.

    A charity that I thought about after the fact was Amnesty International or another group that involved in charity work in the Sudan currently.

  3. penguin Says:

    this is what will win the contest. buy it quick like bunny!

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