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wurly no. 1

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finally finally finally!

Wurlitzer Electric Piano 206A No. 1 has been shipped. To Andy Chadwick no less. It was the first that I powered up and I intended it to be the one I kept. But Andy got antsy for the one I’d promised him and this one had the most promise, so I got to work.

The mods and other things I now have done:

  • rewired power
  • cut a hole in the top for the new power socket
  • tuned one of those crazy reeds (one of the G’s was a bit flat)
  • detached the top from the base
  • rewired the headphone jack so it didn’t go via the base
  • wired a line-out jack
  • cleaned off the scratches in the keys (many have been scratched with letters)
  • replaced a fuse (not a trivial job, as it turns out)

Shipping weight? 64.2 lb.

Basically the only thing I haven’t done that I want to try is the vibrato kit, to make the sound identical to the 200A.

Now to turn this place into an assembly line and get nos. 2-20 out the door.

2 Responses to “wurly no. 1”

  1. Dale Says:

    where’d you find a box big enough for that thing?

  2. Adrian Says:

    A 46″x20″x12″ box can be purchased from the UPS store for $22. Anyone have any ideas where I could get one for cheaper? I looked online and they were $5.50 each but not only did I need to purchase 15 at a time, but they were too big to be shipped UPS so the shipping would have been a ton.

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