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200A totally fux0red

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So among my huge lot of Wurlitzer 206As I also got one 200A, which is a more popular model that includes vibrato.

So I tried to play the 200A last night. The keys hardly move and definitely won’t slide from one position to the other (up to down and visa-versa). I open it up and I really can’t comprehend what happened to this keyboard. There is masses of dust that’s black but has shavings of metal or something that sparkles. It’s everywhere. On the circuit boards, between the keys, near the pickups. I need a vacuum. I tried to use one of those pressurized air cans and it got freezing before half the job was done.

The felts on the keys that allow it to slide up and down are hard. They’re hopeless. There are two points at which it slides and two felts per point and 64 keys, so I’m looking at replacing 256 very small felts.

There are brown/ black stains in the wood of some of the keys. Mold?

Maybe they kept this thing in a damp area near the exhaust of a machine-shop sander or something.

On the good side, the electronics look fine and all the pick ups and felts/ action that aren’t the keys looks fine, flawless almost. When I forced one of the keys down it emitted a glorious tone with sweet vibrato.

[Update: Despite being sold as a 200A, I think this actually a 214W.]

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