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I apologize

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to all the people who don’t care about Wurlitzer electric pianos at all, because it seems like every second post talks about them. As it turns out, I spend a good amount of my interesting, non-work time on them; that is non-work time that isn’t TV or making dinner or reading websites or whatever.

What do people think of the blog-title-continued-in-the-post thing that I did on this post and the last one? effective? confusing?

Romance seems appropriate

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for a day such as this.

It would seem so, except that it’s a depressing indie rock album by Seldom. I haven’t listened to this album much in the last two and a half years and it’s very strange to listen to it.

You see, Dear Reader, I listened to this album obsessively during the summer of 2002 when I was living in Stuttgart. Basically I listened to this and Neon Golden by the Notwist all summer since they were my only new music. When I listen to Neon Golden I hear the (awesome) music. When I listen to Romance I see those streets: the one going by Porcheplatz to Wollinstrasse in Zuffenhausen; the one going by the Bosch headquarters, Mauserstrasse and Behr buildings 3 and 4 from the Feuerbach S-Bahn station to work; the main street near the Hauptbahnhof and Stadtmitte. I’d listen to and from work on my portable CD player and sing along when there weren’t people close by; I’d listen when I went to the city center to see a movie on 4 Euro Tuesdays, buy something, or check my email at the internet cafe. It’s really very strange to listen to this album because in my mind it is so strongly associated with a few specific places in Stuttgart.

Perhaps sometime I’ll write about sense-related memories.

the gravity of this headline in the Palo Alto Daily News is totally ruined by the glaring typo

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Firefighter dies figting blaze


wurly no. 1

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finally finally finally!

Wurlitzer Electric Piano 206A No. 1 has been shipped. To Andy Chadwick no less. It was the first that I powered up and I intended it to be the one I kept. But Andy got antsy for the one I’d promised him and this one had the most promise, so I got to work.

The mods and other things I now have done:

  • rewired power
  • cut a hole in the top for the new power socket
  • tuned one of those crazy reeds (one of the G’s was a bit flat)
  • detached the top from the base
  • rewired the headphone jack so it didn’t go via the base
  • wired a line-out jack
  • cleaned off the scratches in the keys (many have been scratched with letters)
  • replaced a fuse (not a trivial job, as it turns out)

Shipping weight? 64.2 lb.

Basically the only thing I haven’t done that I want to try is the vibrato kit, to make the sound identical to the 200A.

Now to turn this place into an assembly line and get nos. 2-20 out the door.

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