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bowling and care-ee-oak-ee

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Judit, Dave, Andy(L) and I (and some of Judit’s coworkers/ friends) went to Palo Alto Bowl (or PAB as I call it) for kareoke night. The kareoke is for the most part painful, but check this: $13 gets you shoes and as many games as you can bowl between 9 and midnight. We ended up bowling five games, I think.

99, 115, 122, 126 and 139 were my scores. Not 194 but not bad either.

I’ll sprout wings and fly

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Dave did some 11th hour rewrites of Drunken before he left for today.

Here’s the new version.

The old version for reference.

He added about five new vocal parts, including a bit of an old Tommy Jarrell* tune. I like it now (for the first time).

*incidentally, Tommy Jarrell proposed the best way possible:

Tommy had known Nina about two years before he married her. He proposed while they were hoeing corn one day. He said “Nina, we’ll get married if you want to. But I’ll tell you right now, I make whiskey, I play poker, and I go to dances, make music, and I don’t know whether I’ll ever quit that or not. But, if you think we can get along now, we’ll get married – and if you don’t think we can, right now’s the time to say something.”

“Well,” Nina said, “I believe we’d get along all right.” And that was the way it happened.

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