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South Africa has received their first (foreign language) Oscar nomination in Yesterday. I believe it’s the first feature film in Zulu. I saw it while in South Africa. It was quite good. I’d more like it to win because it’d be good for South Africa than because it’s an amazing film.

It’s about AIDs in still-very-rural-as-in-water-pumps-and-no-electricity-for-the-most-part Zululand, South Africa. It tackles many problems that are uniquely South African or third world. The man going off to the industrial center (Jo’burg) to work. Travelling to the City for the first time. Walking all day to get somewhere. Rural health clinics. Insular ideas of a small village.

(And I feel I ought to point out, if you don’t know, that the adult prevelance rate of AIDS in Southern Africa is astronomical. 9 of the top 10 in prevelance are Southern African countries with Botswana at the top with 38.8% of its adult population infected.)

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