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is this on? helloo?

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You know the drill.


I’m currently about half way through the show, the point at which I panic and think I don’t have enough music to fill the next hour and a half.


[Update: I’d also like to note that like two days after I spent a while figuring out the phone-in system at KZSU, the chief engineer hardwired the phone-in connections (rather than having to use the patch bay for them). I just thought it was ironic.]

2 Responses to “is this on? helloo?”

  1. Em Says:

    Dude, I finally listened to your show and it made my day! Maybe that’s just ’cause I feel sneaky for listening at work.

  2. andy (not andyl) Says:

    I recorded your show (using streamripper), and would have listened to it, except that I left my firewire cable and power supply at WMUC, so I can’t get anything on my ipod right now.

    ONCE I DO, THOUGH@!!@!@@!@!@

    Sorry. The caps lock key was stuck there for a second.

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