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solitary man in covers

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“Solitary Man” originally by Neil Diamond is a good song, but the covers I’ve been listening to lately are better. Johnny Cash did a solid version on his American III: Solitary Man album. However, the one I like the best is Crooked Fingers off of their Resevoir Songs EP. The main instruments are banjo and tuba. Later, a dark organ part and brushed drums are added. This is the darkest version of the song with a depth in sonority that the others don’t. You should try to find this version if you can.

2 Responses to “solitary man in covers”

  1. Dale Says:

    Neil Diamond is hard to cover, because he really nailed his songs the first time around, for the most part.

    For example, he wrote and recorded “I’m a Believer” and NAILED it. Then the Monkees came around and covered it, and, in my opinion, their version is weak. Yet that’s the only version you ever hear on the radio …

    Oh, what was the Neil Diamond/Monkees song Ben Gibbard covered at the show?

  2. Adrian Says:

    “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)”.

    I’ll play the Crooked Fingers version of “Solitary Man” for you this afternoon.

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