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you’re live on the air!

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Today’s playlist. I did a good show. Nice flow. Started with some post-rocky sort of stuff and that seemed to work well.

But the big news of the day was that I got a caller (Jon Werberg—I tried earlier in the show with Jesse but failed) on the air. He gave a traffic report of one corner in the Bronx. Pretty exciting stuff. It’s not an easy process at KZSU (it was just about impossible to do in the A-Studio of WMBR when I was there and since I basically only broadcast out of A, I didn’t learn), but I figured it out. I’m so proud of myself.

The original plan was to get Dale to call in from the traffic on the 101 and give an “in-the-action traffic report” (and say how all those stations that use helicopters or cameras are totally in the past—why be in the air when you could be in the action! those guys in the chopper can’t see what’s really happeneing.)

Maybe next week on that one.

4 Responses to “you’re live on the air!”

  1. andy (not andyl) Says:

    I found this exceelent record store in Baltimore the other day while I was on lunch – I picked up a few good things (some Will Oldham especially), but there’s one band you might like – Sonna. I’ve heard of them before – They played a show with Low in downtown Baltimore, but I missed both opening bands.

    They’re very much in the “Are we totally instrumental or not?” vein of Rock-Action era Mogwai. The sound is familliar, but beautiful nonetheless. Sparse vocals here and there, lots of pretty guitars, intelligent use of dynamics. I think I’m going to go back and pick up the other Sonna album at that store tomorrow during lunch.

  2. andy (not andyl) Says:

    Oh man. I hate catching spelling errors right as I’m pressing the post button. Crap.

  3. Tark Says:

    GLENN TIPTON!!!!!!!!!

  4. Adrian Says:

    Yeah, I played Glenn Tipton all because of you.

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