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147, 127

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Ian’s (Le Mayoure) in town visiting his mom, so we grabbed some food at the Alpine Inn and then went bowling at Mel’s Bowl in Redwood City. I wanted to check it out to compare it with Palo Alto Bowl, hoping that it was more divey. Shad and Dale joined us for the bowling.

It is a little more divey than Palo Alto Bowl (PAB), but I haven’t been to PAB in a while, so I can’t compare too well. It was of course expensive compared to rural American bowling alleys, but I suppose not too bad considering it’s the Peninsula. If I remember correctly the games are cheaper than PAB, the shoe rentals about the same and the beer more expensive.

We played two games. My scores were a respectable 147 and a disappointing followup, 127. The first game, I had a Turkey (three strikes in a row) and the second, I picked up four spares in a row, but failed to get any strikes.

The highlights of the night had to be Ian’s incredible sooper-spin style with the 6 lb. ball, the style of the guy two lanes down (he’d sort of run and then stop and lean backwards while he slid toward the line and then drop the ball), the Turkey and making movies with Ian’s camera. I’ll try to put a couple of those up here if I have a chance.

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