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comment preview

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I’ve installed this hack for WordPress to do comment preview.

Let’s see if it works.

[Update] It seems like it’s working. It’d be cool if it said Preview and Say It! (or Post) on the initial page, for people who don’t have the patience to preview. Anyone with some php knowledge want to check out my wp-comments.php to see if it’s an easy fix? I’ve commented the old code. It starts withform action=” etc. It’s not as simple as just copying the input name=”submit” from the old code. I tried that. It seems non-trivial because the two codes has separate form sections referencing the two php scripts for commenting [new and old].

[Double Update] I now have it working with both Preview and Post, thanks to Jesse.

7 things to do

  • Buy a new starter for my car. The current one doesn’t like me.*
  • Buy surplus electronic parts to fix Wurlitzer 206A Electronic Pianos (21+ of them!!!!!!!!!) at HSC
  • Call Uhaul to make sure they have my reservation for a truck to move aformentioned keyboards.
  • Write and send christmas cards
  • Write liner notes for lauren owens’ Lauren6 mix CD and send CD
  • Add comment preview to blog for Andy
  • Open up my receiver and find the loose connection (the speakers go between soft and loud as I move the receiver around)

*so Shad’s going to help me replace my starter and I was thinking it’d be funny if he comes over and is like “are you all ready to replace it?” and I said “almost” and I go inside and then come out in grease monkey jumpsuit, grease smeared all over my face and a big old monkey wrench hanging off my belt. “Alright, now I’m ready.”

Andy, you should definitely give this to your girlfriend for Christmas

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She’ll appreciate it. Everyone appreciates Bob Villa.

new term

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I have coined a term for something that is retro-stylish, yet it hasn’t ever gone out—Like converse all stars—nowtro.

Feel free to use it, as long you give me proper credit.

Proper use in a sentence: “Those Vans are so nowtro, as coined by Adrian Bischoff. “

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