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meta post

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Quick question:

On a scale from 0, completely worthless, to 9, mostly worthless, where does my blog rank?

indie goes 50s

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Oh, this is awesome, according to Pitchfork some indie rock bands have recorded a soundtrack for a zombie game that is completely covers of 50’s and earlier oldies tunes.

The tracklist:

01 Ben Kweller: “Lollipop”
02 The Raveonettes: “My Boyfriend’s Back”
03 Death Cab for Cutie: “Earth Angel”
04 Rogue Wave: “Every Day”
05 Cake: “Strangers in the Night”
06 The Walkmen: “There Goes My Baby”
07 Dandy Warhols: “All I Have to Do Is Dream”
08 Oranger: “Mr. Sandman”
09 The Flaming Lips: “If I Only Had a Brain”
10 Clem Snide: “Tears On My Pillow”
11 Rose Hill Drive: “Shakin’ All Over”
12 Milton Mapes: “Lonesome Town”
13 Phantom Planet: “The Living Dead” (non-cover, but zombie-themed song)

Sounds pretty good to me. It won’t come out until Summer 2005 though.

time trial

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[incidentally, this is talking about my bicycle commute] I don’t think I can get from home to work in much less than 8 minutes. I didn’t stop from door to door (usually I stop at 2 or 3 traffic lights) and I had a pretty good pace going, though my tires are currently a little low on pressure (I’m probably riding at around 70 psi instead of 110) so who know what it would have been on full tires.

album week

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I’m currently doing my show this week. It’s album week on KZSU so I’m playing large parts of Our Endless Numbered Days by Iron & Wine, Seven Swans by Sufjan Stevens and the Grey Album by Danger Mouse as they are some of the best/ most-significant albums of 2004. I’ll probably compile a best of 2004 show for the early morning of Dec. 31.

In other news, I’ve decided I like the Arcade Fire. A trillion other bands do the same thing and I don’t like them, but I like the Arcade Fire.

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