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The last 20 hours or so

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  • Bought boerewors for my parents and other sausages for a bbq at Dittmer’s Wursthaus
  • Bought beers (including a fine Schwarzbier) at Bev Mo
  • Had a last-minute bbq with a few of them teppers (as my dad would call them*) namely Dylan, andyl, Raag and Leo.
  • Open up one of those Wurly’s and check out how the new power wiring will work with andyl. A common ground is already established. Yay.
  • Slept for 6 hours.
  • Watched Shad install a new starter in my car. (“Install a new starter in my card with Shad” would be a blatant lie and “Help Shad install a new starter in my car” would be a fib; I did hand him a wrench a couple times.)
  • Work.

*Which got me thinking: there are these things like this where originally people do things that annoy me and then it becomes part of my picture of them. I’d correct him to say “teps” but now if he called them “teps” I’d be disappointed. His “error” has become endearing.

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