adrian is rad


7 things to do

  • Buy a new starter for my car. The current one doesn’t like me.*
  • Buy surplus electronic parts to fix Wurlitzer 206A Electronic Pianos (21+ of them!!!!!!!!!) at HSC
  • Call Uhaul to make sure they have my reservation for a truck to move aformentioned keyboards.
  • Write and send christmas cards
  • Write liner notes for lauren owens’ Lauren6 mix CD and send CD
  • Add comment preview to blog for Andy
  • Open up my receiver and find the loose connection (the speakers go between soft and loud as I move the receiver around)

*so Shad’s going to help me replace my starter and I was thinking it’d be funny if he comes over and is like “are you all ready to replace it?” and I said “almost” and I go inside and then come out in grease monkey jumpsuit, grease smeared all over my face and a big old monkey wrench hanging off my belt. “Alright, now I’m ready.”

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