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not so cheap night

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On Friday, I went to Live 105’s Not So Silent Night on Friday. The line up was Taking Back Sunday, Muse, Interpol, the Killers, Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse. Tickets were expensive ($35) and it was in a large venue (Bill Graham Civic Auditorium) and, correspondingly, there were a lot of stupid people there. The sound sucked for many of the bands; the bass was far too heavy. It probably didn’t help that we were standing pretty much directly in front of the subs.

But let’s get to the music: we got there during Muse. Muse was bad. Killers were unimpressive. Interpol was above average, as was Franz Ferdinand. Modest Mouse was good, better than I expected. I liked their albums, but I’d heard that their live show wasn’t good.

I heard a little too much “oh I hope they don’t play their new stuff. their new stuff sucks. they were much better at the Fillmore. blah blah blah I’m dumb.”

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