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12 things I like about Palo Alto/ MP

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I’m often complaining about how squeeky clean and character-less Palo Alto/ Menlo Park are, so I decided to make a list of all the things I like about this area of the Peninsula.

  • Classic one (or two) screen theaters: the Guild and the Aquarius. Normal (expsensive) priced tickets, but good movies in classic theaters.
  • Silent movies at Stanford Theater over the summer. Complete with live accompaniment on the Might Wurlitzer organ.
  • Old people, cheap snacks, and artsy movies at Spangenberg Theatre
  • Crazy people and punk kids at the Pit. I’m glad some people aren’t middle-aged silicon valley professionals.
  • Beer gardens: the Oasis and Alpine Inn (aka Zott’s). You got your locals and your Stanford students. You got your bicyclists, motorcyclists and BMW drivers.
  • Peninsula Creamery Dairy Store (on High St.). Not to be confused with the Peninsula Fountain and Grill (on Hamilton and in the Stanford Shopping Center), this is vintage and not retro, cheap and not pretentious.
  • Sandwhiches: Pluto’s and the Prolific Oven. Fancy sandwhiches, but still reasonable value.
  • Rose and Crown. You’re paying pub prices, but at least they have Hoegaarden and Franzikaner on tap.
  • Ridiculous safetey. Just yesterday I parked my car on the street unlocked for the entire day, with CDs and other things sitting on the seats and nothing was gone.

One Response to “12 things I like about Palo Alto/ MP”

  1. Alex Says:

    Franziskaner makes some excellent beers, but I believe there’s an “s” in it :).

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