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project: the muni lines

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14 Mission
the 14 Mission

So I’m thinking it might be a fun project to ride all the Muni bus, lightrail and cable car lines. As you can see below, I have ridden a decent number but I have plenty to go.

I’ve decided that all iterations of one number count as one line; for instance, 14/ 14L and 14X all count as one line. I’m not sure about some of those 80-somethingX shuttle lines. We’ll see if they count.

Here’s the list of the lines, crossing out the ones I’ve ridden.

  • F-Market & Wharves*
  • J-Church
  • KT-Ingleside/Third Street
  • L-Taraval
  • M-Ocean View
  • N-Judah*
  • S-Castro Shuttle
  • 1-California
  • 2-Clement
  • 3-Jackson
  • 4-Sutter
  • 5-Fulton
  • 6-Parnassus
  • 7-Haight
  • 9-San Bruno
  • 10-Townsend
  • 12-Folsom / Pacific*
  • 14-Mission*
  • 16*X-Noriega * Exp
  • 17-Park Merced
  • 18-46th Avenue
  • 19-Polk
  • 20-Columbus
  • 21-Hayes
  • 22-Fillmore
  • 23-Monterey
  • 24-Divisadero*
  • 26-Valencia
  • 27-Bryant*
  • 28-19th Avenue
  • 29-Sunset
  • 30-Stockton
  • 31-Balboa
  • 33-Stanyan*
  • 35-Eureka
  • 36-Teresita
  • 37-Corbett
  • 38-Geary
  • 39-Coit
  • 41-Union
  • 43-Masonic
  • 44-O’Shaughnessy
  • 45-Union/Stockton
  • 47-Van Ness**
  • 48-Quintara – 24th Street*
  • 49-Mission-Van Ness*
  • 52-Excelsior
  • 53-Southern Heights
  • 54-Felton
  • 56-Rutland
  • 66-Quintara
  • 67-Bernal Heights
  • 71-Haight-Noriega
  • 74x-Culture Bus
  • 76-Marin Headlands
  • 80X-Gateway Express
  • 81X-Caltrain Express
  • 82X-Presidio Express
  • 88-B.A.R.T. Shuttle
  • 89-Laguna Honda
  • 90-Owl
  • 91-Owl
  • 108-Treasure Island
  • Powell-Mason Cable Car
  • Powell-Hyde Cable Car
  • California Street Cable Car

*I’ve ridden these lines more times than I can remember.

**I’m 99.9% sure I’ve ridden this at least once.

Update 4/24/09 rode the 26 Valencia, 67 Bernal Heights and J Church. (also, realized that I’d ridden the J Church once before last May).

Update 4/26/09 rode the 21 Hayes for half a dozen stops.

Update 4/30/09 rode the Powell-Mason cable car, the California cable car and the 19 Polk.

Update 5/3/09 rode the 28 19th Ave and the L Taraval.

Update 5/20/09 rode the 30 Stockton.

4 Responses to “project: the muni lines”

  1. Andy Says:

    Haven’t you ridden the 22? And I thought you said yesterday you’d ridden the 5.

  2. adrian Says:

    Yeah, I have ridden the 5. I’d forgotten about that.

    I don’t think I’ve ridden the 22. I usually just walk where it’d take me. Actually, I did take it once–Gumbeaux and I took it back from the SF International Beer Festival a few years ago.

  3. Milkshake Says:

    I’ve been wanting to do this:

  4. adrian Says:

    I thought about doing that in the Boston subway system. I think all of their classifications are sort of weak–I thought a “complete” subway coverage would mean either entering or leaving (or both) every station.

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