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mum at garfield

One of my favorite photos I’ve taken recently is one that I took with a plastic, disposable camera without really looking.

I guess I get in ruts sometimes where all my photos start looking the same and it takes something outside of that to catch my attention again.

finally, sxsw

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Two Sheds @ Beauty Bar

A few weeks ago I went to SxSW and saw 46 bands and 23 shows in 4 days. I recaped it at my music blog but I got a number of questions about what the highlights were, so here’s some of that.

Top five shows:

  1. the Rural Alberta Advantage @ Central Presbyterian Church
  2. the Wooden Birds @ Okay Mountain
  3. the Avett Brothers, the Wrens @ Radio Room
  4. Fanfarlo @ Central Presbyterian
  5. Tallest Man on Earth @ Red 7

Band that most changed my opinion about them: Mumford & Sons (I went from being blah to liking them)

Local band that I liked most: Two Sheds

Any questions?

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