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most significant date in WWII

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This came up in conversation yesterday and I did have a definitive answer–not that there is one, necessarily.

September 1, 1939 or December 7, 1941

After a lot of lead up, September 1, 1939 directly caused a war, one in which many countries declared war on others.

December 7, 1941, on the other hand, only brought one country into the war, but it probably changed the outcome.

I think August 6, 1945 is significant, but, I think, more for the Cold War than the WWII.

And, honestly, you’re just being a contrarian if you say July 7, 1937.

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  2. Raymund Says:

    I’m no historian but here’s my opinion: American (i.e. U.S.) prowess in terms of commitment, manpower and especially superior manufacturing output was decisive in World War II. Without it, the Allies probably would not have won — in terms of winning that war, the December 1941 date was critical. The European war that started in September 1939 might have dragged on a lot longer without the U.S. because the sides were more equally matched. So, for Europeans, September 1939 was more important because that’s when THEIR war started.

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