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With the Steelers playing the Cardinals in the Superbowl, let us remember that they were, for a season, the same team.

(Let us forget, though, that they were horrible.)

round the water San Francisco ride

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I did my first long bike ride in a while yesterday and certainly my first new route in a long time. It mostly hugged the water around the bay and coast of San Francisco. It was based on the SF Chronicle’s “Outer Limits” ride. It ended up being about 27 miles.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Warm, but not hot, clear, even out by Ocean Beach, and there were some gorgeous views throughout. I also went through a number of parts of San Francisco that I’ve never seen before: the Presidio, Seacliff, Land’s End, Lake Merced and parts of the Marina.

I also missed some turns, went the wrong way and blew a tire (while riding without a spare for the first time I can remember) and so I almost got stuck out on the Great Highway (among all those ghosts). It’ll be better next time.

Lefty O’Doul drawbridge up.

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I’ve never seen this bridge near China Basin/ ATT Park up before.

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