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SF is just crazy

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Zante’s Indian Food and Pizzeria. I went here on Saturday. Tandoori Chicken Pizza doesn’t necessarily sound like it’ll work, but it does and really well. It’s really tasty and their drinks are cheap too. I’ll take every one of you (that I actually know) there when you visit. (Note: this is only an offer to take you there, not to pay and in fact, I think this trade seems more fair: I introduce you to a great restaurant, you pay.)

SFist points to a Eater SF article about and summarizing points in a NY Times article about over-legislation in SF. SF is pretty crazy it turns out. Here are some of the points:

  • Business owners must offer health care, typically a rarity in the restaurant industry except for managers, to all employees.
  • Employers must offer 9 days sick leave to all employees.
  • Chain restaurants must post nutritional information for all menu items.
  • Minimum wage is $9.36, more than $3.50 above the federal rate, and will increase next year.
  • Plastic bags are banned from supermarkets, Styrofoam containers banned at all “food outlets.”
  • The Board [of Supervisors] wants to fine stores and restaurants that sell items with high fructose corn syrup.
  • The Board proposed to prohibit new liquor stores within 500 feet of churches or recreation centers.
  • The Board proposed to require permits and insurance for events including weddings, parties, and benefits.
  • The Board proposed to fine office buildings that leave their lights on overnight.
  • The Board proposed to make all lobbyists wear name tags when doing business.

Some of those I don’t care about: no plastic bags, fine. High minimum wage–doesn’t make any difference to me and it’s expensive to live here.

But other…I prefer products without corn syrup and sometimes go to lengths to avoid them but is it really the place of gov’t to ban them? I mean, this seems like a bit step beyond NYC. Trans fat by many accounts is very very bad for you. Fine, ban it. Corn syrup probably isn’t great but are there studies that show it to be the worst thing ever? (What I’ve read is pretty inconclusive.)

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