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shopping cart escalator! awesome!!

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I’ve been to the Bed Bath & Beyond on 9th St. a couple times to get things for my new place. It’s ok, but one thing leaves me with a dropped jaw is their shopping cart escalator. It’s a pretty nice mechanism that catches the wheels with little pegs that pull out of the way at the top.

crappy cell phone photo

It appears to be the same model as the one in this video I found:

It’s like some curved escalators I’ve seen in Hong Kong and Macau. Those things are pretty sweet too.

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  1. Natalie Says:

    We have a two-story Target in San Diego that has a shopping cart escalator. My mom thought it was the coolest thing ever when she came to visit. I kind of do too…

  2. Colin Says:

    I was first introduced to these in Germany. Some Walmarts in Germany have these and there was a multi-story grocery store in Cologne, called Globus, where I shopped regularly that had one. Well, I guess, strictly speaking, they weren’t escalators. They were more like motorized ramps or like airport people movers only inclined. The carts had special wheels that got trapped in grooves in the ramp. Anyway, I thought they were pretty cool.

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