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I should make a playlist called

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calm down and don’t strangle people this instant.

yeah, I’m stuck in O’Hare.

a corrollary to this is, I believe, a new phrase I’m coining: comfort music which, like comfort food, may not be great in and of itself and probably isn’t good for you, but helps on those tough days.

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  1. adrian is rad » purchased, ordered Says:

    […] one CD not to be named due to its embarassing nature (I’ll chalk it up to comfort music) […]

  2. ipickmynose: a San Francisco Bay Area-centric, mostly indie music blog » what I’m actually listening to: Kings of Leon’s Because of the Times Says:

    […] Similar to the way I’m not a hardcore fan of the band, I wasn’t blown away by this record, but the one thing I will tell you: in the three weeks I’ve had it in my 6-CD changer in my car, I’ve found myself pressing the button for this CD more than any other. I just keep going back to it. It’s just good music to listen to. On the rougher days, I blame it needing comfort music, but on other days, I just enjoy the catchiness, the interesting vocals and the riffs. In some ways, I think of these guys in the same camp as the Hold Steady: bands unashamed of using big riffs and other ‘classic rock’ strongholds. […]

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