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4 good bookmarks

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Reading today, I realized I had an opinion about something that most likely no one cares about…so of course I must blog about it.

For me, the ideal bookmark is a reasonable size, is a bit thicker than standard paper and is plentiful, as I often lose bookmarks.

4 good bookmarks:

  1. business cards: I have a box of 500 and I give them out pretty rarely. They’ve got a nice thickness and if I lose the book it’s already labeled. the downside is that they’re a little small and can slide around on the page or fall out of the back cover (which is where I store my bookmarks when I read).
  2. business reply cards from magazines: these things are annoying when they fall out of magazines, but they’re always around and they’re a good size and thickness for bookmarks.
  3. receipts: I buy usually one book at a time and often keep the receipt in the back cover in case I want to return it, so this is often my default bookmark. they’re pretty thin and often too big so they get crinkled and folded.
  4. ticket stubs: a great size and thickness. I go to enough shows, ball games, and movies that these are often around. I get a little nostalgia trip whenever I look at them too.

5 Responses to “4 good bookmarks”

  1. Hannah Griffith Says:

    I care about this too! I almost always use 3″x5″ index cards.

  2. Heather Says:

    Post-It notes are nice, because you can stick them right where you left off and they don’t slide around. They’re not very thick, but you could use a few of them at a time.

  3. libs Says:

    I like them to be narrow, so I stick with business cards and ticket stubs. Ticket stubs are hands down my favorite bookmark. I think because not only are they a pleasing size and shape as a bookmark, but it gives me an excuse to keep them. I don’t feel guilty about the accumulation of clutter since the stub has a second life.

  4. Milkshake Says:

    I use a square of toilet paper

  5. dolphio Says:

    Playing cards, once you’ve lost one, you’ve got 51 bookmarks!

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