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I just deleted the “Bischoff” phone number on my phone as my parents moved out of my childhood home yesterday. Goodbye, Pittsburgh. It’s been good.

it’s official

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I won’t be doing the Escape from the Rock triathlong which I signed up for back in December. I’ve been having some knee problems so I switched to the swim-only event. It’ll be my second Alcatraz swim. This time will be not quite as bone-chilling, I think, as I’ll be using a wetsuit.

mister rogers

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Mister Rogers was pretty incredible.

In high school, I remembering visiting a friend, Waller, who was doing a week-long camp/ program at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, where Mister Rogers did his theological studies. Mister Rogers had stopped by the previous night. Waller was so excited about that; it had made her week. At the time I thought it was a sort of nostalgia-based, ironic excitement but now I realize it was probably authentic.

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