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yes yes yes NO! netflix streaming movies

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I noticed today when I logged in to Netflix that they had a new option “watch now.” They have a whole lot of movies that you can stream and it’s included in my subscription.

It’s a win for them (server bandwidth << shipping costs + wear/ depreciation of DVDs) and a win for me because I don't have to wait... except they don't support mac. Keep trying, Netflix.

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  1. libs Says:

    boo! Alex told me that they were going to start with the streaming, but the no-mac thing, I didn’t know that. I shall write to Netflix!

  2. movies » yes yes yes NO! netflix streaming movies Says:

    […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThey have a whole lot of movies that you can stream and it’s included in my subscription. It’sa win for them (server bandwidth […]

  3. Milkshake Says:

    Hello I’m a mac

    And I’m a PC – and I can watch movies on netflix and you can’t.

    This is cool…….

  4. adrian Says:

    Hello, I’m a PC and I support DRM.

  5. Colin Says:

    Hello, I’m a Mac, made by Apple, the single largest purveyor of DRM-laden music in the world.

  6. dolphio Says:


    Yea, I used to not care about the DRM-ness of iTunes. I liked it. I wanted to get some music for a iPhoto slideshow, so I go download it from iTunes, how convenient. Then, when trying to export the slide show (movie, DVD, iPhoto Slide show, etc), I get the message: “The music to this Slide show will only play on Authorized computers…” Yeesh. Big Brother, will you please ordane my friends computers so I can use my crappy fair-use soundtrack for some crappy drunk photos?

    Thank you.

    ~Still a mac fanboy, but I’ve realized I’m only a fan when my wishes are in line with what Apple Inc. feels are appropriate.

  7. adrian Says:

    iTunes will apparently be 50% DRM-free within a year.

  8. dolphio Says:

    So I can play the first half of Stairway, but not the last half?

  9. Colin Says:

    eMusic is 100% DRM-free today. Selection is not as good as iTunes, but at least you’re not supporting the RIAA.

  10. Cropley Says:

    It seems Netflix will finally find its way on to the Nintendo Wii (currently the only console without the rental streaming service).

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