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Announcing new music blog!

I’ve been doing this in stealth for a couple days, but I feel like it’s time to announce my other blog. It’s a music blog.

I’ve felt for a while that I was writing too little about music for this to be a music blog and too much about music for this to be a personal blog. In one case, outside readers see too much personal ranting and in the other, friends get alienated by the constant music talk , so I’ve split it off.

I’ll still be blogging here. I won’t be posting here about music, unless it’s related directly to me, like music I write/ record, radio playlists or if it’s a mixtape. I’ll be co-posting the last two of those.

I feel a bit weird about it—I’m always written this for myself and maybe a couple friends, but writing about any specific x is an admission that someone wants to read that. Now I have a whole blog where I pretend that people want to read my writing about music.

2 Responses to “Announcing new music blog!”

  1. sarah louise Says:

    Another blog? Well, I can’t say much, I just started a new one this week too. I like your writing about music.

  2. ipickmynose » announcing! online mix tapes, April 2007 Says:

    […] This is my first online mixtape over here, but it’s actually my tenth overall. I try to put these out in the middle of each month, but I usually don’t hit the 15th. […]

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