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published authooorrr

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Check it!. The presitigous Stanford Daily published an article I wrote about indie music on TV. KZSU is trying to get a regular column in the paper.

It’s marginally interesting.

(It’s an expansion of this post.)

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  1. Sarah Louise Says:

    marginally interesting if you thought Sinatra was the King of music…

    Um, that was a rocking piece of rock journalism. Woo hoo to you. I even forwarded the link to my indie music loving brother (who lives in Austin, partially b/c of the music scene there) (but mostly b/c of U of T, which he just got into, woo hoo!)

    You made me want to go back and watch that one scene from Garden State (and from me, that’s huge–I really did not like that movie–it was too edgy and raw for my taste.)

    Lordy, is my comment longer than your post?

  2. Tarkus Aurelius Says:

    NPR’s “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” used Night Rally as bumper music a few weeks ago. How’s THAT for indie rock?

  3. libs Says:

    The article came out nicely. Good job!

    also, you’re welcome.

  4. mim Says:

    Nice article, roomie, way to go on being famous, there. When you look back, I hope you’ll remember the little people.

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