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the bike plan

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So I’ve been trying to get ready for my 100-mile Lake Tahoe century bike ride which is in just over a week now. This week so far:

  • Monday: Portola Valley loop (~15 miles, ~700 feet elevation gain) with my 20 lb. shoulder bag
  • Wednesday: Old La Honda (3 miles, 1200 feet elevation gain) + Portola Valley (total ~22 miles + 2000 ft elevation gain)
  • Thursday: Portola Valley loop

The rest of my rides before the century will probably be:

  • Saturday: King’s Mountain + Canada (36 miles, 2800 ft) Update: I ended up doing Old La Honda, circling back down and then doing King’s Mountain + Canada. Total was something like 43 miles, 4000ft elevation gain
  • Monday: Canada + Crystal Spring + (perhaps) Portola Valley (~32 or ~46 miles, mostly rolling hills)
  • Wednesday: (double) Portola Valley loop
  • Thursday: something hard, maybe Old La Honda plus double Portola Valley loop, or Kings Mountain + Canada
  • Saturday: light spin up in Tahoe
  • Sunday: ride around Lake Tahoe!

I hurt; I’m starting to regret signing up for this thing.

While on the subject of sports, my friend’s ipod excercise idea got patented (by him/ Apple).

the apostle

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I saw the Apostle tonight. I’m not sure why I put it in my Netflix queue, but I did.

It’s a film about a southern preacher who puts his wife’s lover into a coma and then flees to rural Louisiana. Robert Duval wrote, directed and starred in it.

There are few performances where there is no explanation for the transformation from the actor to the character. Which is to say, Robert Duval does an absolutely amazing job as the preacher. He has all the stylistic elements down and acts this complex character very well.

I have a soft spot for the charasmatic southern preaching style and good southern gospel and it’s nice to see it done right in this movie.

Anyway, a well made and well-acted movie. Also, the DVD has a good “making of” feature, but it basically has spoilers in it, so only watch it after watching the movie.

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