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jv at the independent (again)

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So I saw John Vanderslice at the Independent again on Friday with Dylan and Gumbeaux. Opening were Laura Veirs and Division Day. The latter was supposed to be Nedelle but she had to cancel, unfortunately.

I only saw about a song and a half of Division Day after I got there, so I’ll just skip to the next bit.

We got there well into the first band and JV (as those of us that are his pals call him) draws a lot of people in his home town of SF, so I was surprised that we could get right up against the stage before Laura Veirs. I haven’t been right up against the stage in forever. I felt like a school boy.

Laura Veirs put out a solid album in 2005 called Year of Meteors. While we had in in rotation at KZSU I played it every week. I sort of didn’t think about it much since then, listening to it occasionally. Laura came on and it was just her; she sometimes tours with a band but I think this part of this tour was just her. It was just her and a guitar and a bunch of pedals. Oh and she had a really sweet drum machine. I should find out what it was. Anyway, she played through her set using a sampling pedal to great effect (much like my friend Jeff Miller does), sampling her guitar, drum machine and vocals and looping. Overall a very solid set. I’ll have to listen to more Veirs.

Incidentally, Laura Veirs is not only talented but she’s very attractive. Basically, I want to marry her.

JV came on after a bit of a break. Once again, he seemed overjoyed to be home after a long tour. He joked around with his band mates and the crowd. He’s touring with the same band two tours in a row for the first time in forever and they sounded pretty tight. They put together a marathon set (25-ish songs) that lasted almost two hours, but it was a good time.

Overall a good time. It would have been cool if Nedelle had been on the bill as well, but you can’t win them all. The only downside of going to this concert was missing Jason Molina across town at the Great American Music Hall and Elf Power over at the Cafe du Nord. Seriously, couldn’t they have scheduled all those bands a couple days apart?

4 Responses to “jv at the independent (again)”

  1. dave Says:

    awwww…booohoo…adrian had to choose between three great shows…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    /angry frustration that I can’t go to the Mark Kozelek show in Greensboro this weekend

  2. adrian Says:

    a) Live somewhere that’s not BLACKSBURG, VA!

    b) Live somewhere that’s not BLACKSBURG, VA!

    c) Post more on already!

  3. Jeff Miller Says:

    How dare you…

  4. Dave Says:

    I have some good new stuff, but it’s on film. And I should be able to get my hands on a neg scanner this week.

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