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More on books?

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While I’m on the subject of books, have you read any books lately that you can recommend? I have a bunch in my list, but I’m going through them pretty well. I’m generally more into good+readable over good+seminal+hard-to-read.

Also, I have a total soft spot for books about/ set in/ by South Africa(ns), so I’ll take any into special consideration.

Anyone have thoughts on Wind Up Bird Chronicles? I don’t know much about it but I like a band called Wind Up Bird.

3 Responses to “More on books?”

  1. Tark Says:

    The Wind Up Bird Chronicle was the joint. Read it now and you won’t be sorry. It was the most engrossing book I’ve read in a long long time, I couldn’t put it down, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I was even dreaming about it. I was thoroughly disappointed in the ending, but the ending doesn’t diminsh how interesting and well written the book is.

  2. Colin Ashe Says:

    In keeping with your observation that baseball generates a wealth of interesting and meaningful statistics, you might be interested in “The Numbers Game” by Alan Schwarz. It is basically a chronicle of the development of statistics in baseball and the people that pioneered the statistics. I’ve only read the first two chapters at this point, but it is really interesting. Becoming familiar with the various colorful personalities that shaped the game and the way it is understood through statistics is fascinating.

  3. jesse Says:

    on that note, maybe freakonomics … although I haven’t read it myself

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