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Belle & Sebastian at Concourse at the SF Design Center

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On Tuesday I saw Belle & Sebastian at the Concourse at the SF Design Center.

My main reaction to the evening was who in the world thought that this would be a good or appropriate venue for a concert? It’s huge, making for a very impersonal show. The acoustics are horrible (lots of flat metal walls). Many of the places you can stand have obscructed or no view of the stage. I’m not planning to go back to this venue.

Shame on Another Planet Entertainement for booking shows there.

I was a bit distracted during the concert, having paid a lot plus exorbitant “convenience” fees to see a show in a crappy venue. B&S were fine, playing some good old songs and some new ones. I think they made the most of a bad venue.

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  1. johnny Says:

    hey, i had a very similar experience as you. i’ve seen both those bands numerous times and i left after the first B&S song because i felt like it was tainting the memory of much more positive earlier shows.

    anyhow i ended up talking to Sherry from APE, and she conceded some of the flaws of the venue and even mentioned what they were trying to do to make it better. bottom line: there aren’t many spaces of that size that don’t have contracts with ClearChannel. damn.

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