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Elissa 2003

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There was this girl I had a crush on for most of Spring 2003. We went to concerts together. I made her a mixtape, because we all know that mixtape=love (these guys think so too).

I found a copy I’d made yesterday while organizing my CDs. I’d forgotten about it completely but now I’m listening to it at work. I probably made this early May 2003.

The tracklist:

  1. Lion’s Mane – Iron and Wine
  2. Ohio – Damien Jurado
  3. New Partner – Palace Brothers
  4. Accident – Clem Snide
  5. I See a Darkness – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy
  6. Most of October, All of November – P:ano
  7. Silvery Light of a Dream, Pt II – the Apples in stereo
  8. If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart – Beulah
  9. Hideaway – Olivia Tremor Control
  10. A Duel Will Settle This – Mates of State
  11. Sleep the Clock Around – Belle & Sebastian
  12. Summer is Coming – Matt Pond PA
  13. Away, Into the Light – One AM Radio
  14. Who Am I? – Seldom
  15. Bad Diary Days – Pedro the Lion
  16. No Solid Ground – ms. john soda
  17. This Place is a Prison – The Postal Service
  18. Consequence – The Notwist
  19. Ruby’s Wishes – Unwed Sailor
  20. Stanley Kubrick – Mogwai

It’s a nice mix of songs. I still listen to and like most of these songs and bands quite a bit.

I made it on a friend’s computer because I didn’t have a laptop yet so I copied all the songs to the computer individually and then made the CD from that. She loved it; she bought three CDs of bands on the CD within a week because she liked them so much.

She was not smitten with me, though.

5 Responses to “Elissa 2003”

  1. Bork Says:

    Itchy owens?

  2. Sherv Says:

    Bork’s back?!@?!

    BORK’S BACK?@!?#!@?

    BOOOORK’S BAAAAACK@#?!@#?!@?#!@?!?@#

  3. gillian Says:

    this girl sounds dumb. i don’t like her.

  4. Bork Says:

    Bork is long gone.
    I just put that cuz I don’t think many people would recognize my real name.

  5. Jesse Says:

    AKA Borkthalamew Borkules Bork

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